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Car Park

Community Centre Car Park

Following an incident in 2012 in the Community Centre car park there has been a lot of confusion over who can and cannot park there.

Basically, the car park at the Community Centre is for the paying users of the facility.

However, in the interest of safety the following guidance was put in place.


‘The Trustees of Coddington Community Association have agreed until further notice to permit parking without charge for parents and others delivering and collecting children to and from Coddington School on weekdays during term time between the hours of:


08:30 to 09:15

11:30 to 12:30

14:45 to 15:45

Due to the volume of traffic during these periods it is the responsibility of all users to adhere to the following:-

  1. 5 mph speed limit
  2. Parking to be in designated parking spaces only – No parking to be carried out on the yellow lines for any reason.
  3. Spaces reserved for disabled drivers to be used only by those with a blue badge.
  4. To conduct themselves in a responsible and courteous manner at all times and especially when crossing the footpath / cycleway at the entrance to the centre.


Additionally any unsafe acts will result in the continued use being discussed by the Trustees.

There may be occasions where the car park access will need to be restricted should there be a clash with Community Centre Operations.